Permanently Replace Missing or Damaged Teeth

Missing teeth can cause feelings of self-consciousness, and can be detrimental to your oral health. Once teeth have been lost, the surrounding structure begins to shift. Gaps in your smile can act as reservoirs for bacteria and put you at higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay. At the Smile Center, we place and restore dental implants to provide our Virginia Beach patients with an opportunity to rebuild their smile, improve their health, and boost their confidence. These tooth root replacements are incredibly sturdy, titanium screws that feel and function like natural roots, while providing an excellent anchor for dental crowns, dentures and other restorations.

If you have missing teeth and are seeking a dental expert who can perform implant surgery and restore your smile with dental crowns, the Smile Center is right for you. Contact our office, conveniently located for Chesapeake and Norfolk residents, to schedule your consultation today.

Understanding the Procedure

One of the philosophies Dr. Scott Parr and utilizes when providing dental implants is that each patient has their own unique dental makeup and therefore requires a unique treatment approach. The necessary time and attention will be dedicated during your consultation to ensure that your care plan meets your needs and reflects any personal requests you may have.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Parr will administer anesthetic or sedation to help you relax and stay comfortable for the duration of the appointment. Your dental implants will be gently and securely placed in your jaw. Because they need time to fuse to your jawbone, or osseointegrate, temporary restorations will be put in place to maintain the aesthetics of your smile during this time. A few weeks later, Dr. Parr will invite you back to his office to permanently restore your dental implants. 

By restoring the structure and function of your smile with dental implants, you will prolong the life of your smile, improve your oral health, and see a dramatic improvement in your appearance.

The Benefits

The Aesthetic Benefits

As a cosmetic-centered practice, the Smile Center approaches each procedure with a keen aesthetic eye. Missing teeth can make you smile look aged and incomplete; replacing them with dental implants gives you a second chance to show off a gorgeous grin. With a newly built smile, you can express yourself with confidence and make a great first impression.

The Oral Health Benefits

As soon as you lose a tooth, your jawbone and soft-tissue begin to deteriorate. If left untreated, missing teeth can create hiding places for disease- and decay-causing bacteria. The longer you wait to replace your teeth, the more difficult it becomes to place dental implants. As soon as we’ve rebuilt your smile, your mouth full of teeth will look, function, and feel like a natural smile. Speaking and chewing naturally will be easy, and when well maintained, your teeth can last a lifetime.

Learn More about Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you may be concerned with maintaining the overall health of your jaw and your mouth. The dental experts at the Smile Center can dramatically improve your smile with dental implants. Contact our Virginia Beach office today to schedule your first consultation.

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Can't believe that it is a pleasure to go to the dentist...Not only did you save all the teeth [other dentists] were going to remove, but your professional organization and friendly, caring staff are a remarkable reflection of your commitment to excellent dentistry.

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