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Bryan M.

Bryan M.I came to The Smile Center for cosmetic work. I had trauma to my upper front teeth that required veneers and implant surgery. I was nervous prior to coming in. However, the staff was knowledgeable, and educated me on each step of the procedure before it happened.

Dr. Frey, Dr. Parr, and the whole team were attentive and courteous during all of the procedures. Customer service is definitely a strength of this practice. I was made to feel comfortable at every appointment.

After having the procedure done, I am more apt to smile, especially in pictures! I have always been self-conscious about my smile, but my procedure allowed me to overcome that fear. My family and friends love my new smile! Everybody was very impressed at how well everything turned out. I would definitely recommend The Smile Center to anyone who has had a traumatic experience, or to someone who just wants to make a change.

There is a saying in the sales business…you buy from people you like. That saying applies here. On top of caring staff and exceptional customer service, Dr Frey is the best dentist I have ever had! The Smile Center is a fantastic practice!

Lark K.

Lark K.

I have always been so self conscious of my smile, to the point of not really having a natural smile. I had a previous set of veneers placed about 12 years ago and this issue did not change, they were cracked, square and a bit bucked. I wanted more feminine teeth and a smile I could be proud of, so I went to see Dr. Parr at The Smile Center.

I met with Dr Parr and from the first consultation I was greeted with kindness and a cheerful hello on every visit. They also called me by my first name as if I were a valued friend! Each person I came in contact with made me feel like they really genuinely cared about me.

No one at The Smile Center tried to give me a sales pitch. Everything was right up front with the price, and with the research I had done, their prices were aligned with what I had found. No added costs or changes were added to my treatment!

Unlike my previous experience when I got my first set of veneers, which was quite painful, Dr Parr and his team really eased my anxiousness with their calm demeanor. Some of the staff came in and showed me their veneers, told me what to expect and made me so comfortable.

Now with my new smile, my husband says he can't believe the confidence boost it has given me. Like my husband, my family and friends cannot believe the difference! My daughters said it made my whole mouth look pretty!

It must be very rewarding to send people off into the world with big smiles and new found confidence. The Smile Center definitely put a smile on my face, one that I'm proud to show off!

Thank you!

Phillip B.

Phillip B.

I have always wanted to improve my smile. With not being proud of my smile it affected my self confidence. Knowing this, I consulted with The Smile Center with the main concern of closing my spaces.

I have had very positive feedback from my friends and family in regards to my smile. However, most importantly it improved my self confidence!

All of my experiences at The Smile Center were very pleasant. I was welcomed as soon as I walked into the office. They were all honest and informative. I am very pleased with the outcome; it has quite simply changed my outlook on life. If you are considering improving your smile, whatever the situation, Do it with the help of The Smile Center!

Note from The Smile Center: In some situations, patients need to go through orthodontics and cosmetic veneers to get the results they desire. With doing that it is not a quick procedure, but with the help of The Smile Center, we can help you go through orthodontics with a cosmetic appeal. We offer both Traditional braces with metal and the more cosmetic option porcelain (tooth colored) brackets or Invisalign. Either way we can help you achieve your desired smile goal!

Nichole M.

Nichole M.

I had always been told that I had a beautiful smile, but I knew my teeth weren't perfect. When I first consulted with The Smile Center, I wanted options for making my teeth straight. Dr Frey spoke with me about getting braces, and I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

I was terrified at first. I hadn't been to the dentist in ages! However, the whole staff did everything they could to put me at ease. I felt very comfortable there. Everyone was very friendly and courteous.

Having braces did take a lot of patience, dedication, and discipline. But it was worth it! I would recommend this treatment for anyone who happens to be in a situation similar to mine.

Now I can smile without wondering if people are looking at my crooked teeth. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my family and friends. They love it, and so do I!! Everyone at The Smile Center has been nothing short of awesome! Thank you so very much!

Shane J.

Shane J.

I was always the guy who would cover his mouth when I laughed, and I love to laugh. Being self-conscious of my smile, I wanted to have my front teeth straightened to have a smile I could be more confident in. I was glad to hear that I had options other than traditional braces. I didn't know all of the details for my dental procedure, however after viewing a computer image of what my smile would look like, combined with, knowing that I would walk out of their office the same day with a new smile, made it easy for me to get the treatment done.

After the treatment was completed my self confidence has definitely improved and I now laugh without being self-conscious. I love to show my new smile, and it never gets old hearing that you have a nice smile, especially after years of hiding it.

I have referred two people to check out The Smile Center and the procedure, and both people have had the same treatment completed!

The Smile Center staff has always made me feel comfortable when I come into their office. It has always felt like I'm visiting friends more than visiting the dentist. I am always greeted with smiles and some sort of joke, which makes visiting their office comforting. I am so glad that I got the procedure done there. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!

Angie S.

Angie S.

Being a nervous patient who wanted to improve my smile I was drawn to the Smile Center's commercials. After watching Dr. Parr on TV every Sunday for Four months and after repeatedly writing down the office phone number I decided to go to The Smile Center's website. Once I did that I was comfortable enough to call. From that first call I realized that everything would be fine. I called The Smile Center because I wanted to be able to smile without hiding it behind my hand.

Everyone was great from Day one it seemed as if we were friends for years. This was important because I was nervous. They all made me realize that I could trust them. Every experience I have at The Smile Center is great. From going in for my procedure, follow ups, or cleanings, I feel like I am going in to see my friends not my dentist. They truly care about whom you are and what you want. To me, THAT SAYS IT ALL!

The Smile Center

The Smile Center

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