Cosmetic Dentistry to Repair Damage from Teeth Grinding By drfrey on October 08, 2015

Close-up of a colorful mouth guardDo you consistently wake up with a sore jaw? Are you suffering from increased dental sensitivity, or have you noticed small cracks in your teeth? If so, you are likely suffering from bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding and clenching. Bruxism can cause lasting dental damage, and it can greatly affect your appearance. At the Smile Center, we offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to repair damage. First, however, we will treat the foundational causes of your bruxism to prevent further damage in the future. To undergo teeth grinding treatment, contact our Virginia Beach practice today.

What Causes Bruxism?

There are two common reasons for teeth grinding and clenching: stress and dental misalignment. If you are under a lot of mental or emotional pressure, your body will produce excess adrenaline. You will need to rid yourself of this biochemical in some way, and this could lead to increased jaw movement. Typically, you will grind your teeth, primarily at night, but, like some patients, you could clench your jaw when you are under pressure during the day. For example, you could have excess jaw tension at work.

In other cases, you may have bruxism because of dental misalignment. Ideally, your upper and lower dental arches should correspond. Each top tooth should touch the matching one on the bottom. If you have crooked or missing teeth, you will attempt to restore proper alignment by constantly moving your jaw back and forth.

How Does Bruxism Damage Your Teeth?

Grinding your teeth will gradually weaken them. You may develop cracks or chips, especially in your molars. The constant back and forth motion will also erode your dental enamel. Without this protective layer, it will be much easier for bacteria to get inside your teeth. As a result, you will have a higher risk for cavities and dental infection.

The First Step: Preventing Future Damage

Before restoring your smile, Dr. Parr or Dr. Fray will provide treatment to reduce teeth grinding. Mouth guards are the simplest and, usually, the most effective option. We will provide a custom-crafted appliance, made from impressions of your teeth. You will wear it at night, and it will keep your top and bottom teeth from touching.

If you suffer from bruxism because of crooked or missing teeth, you may require more extensive care. We offer traditional orthodontics and Invisalign®, as well as bridges and implants.

Next Up: Restoring Oral Function

After we are confident that your bruxism is under control, we will repair your compromised teeth. Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative options among bruxism patients. These tooth-shaped restorations can strengthen weakened teeth, cover large cavities, and build up severely worn teeth. With our advanced CEREC® system, we can create and place crowns in a single appointment. These porcelain restorations will match the color and shape of your teeth, and the durable material will last for years.

The Final Touches: Cosmetic Enhancement

After your teeth are structurally sound, we will address the appearance of your smile. Dental erosion and small chips can affect the look of your teeth. Fortunately, we offer several treatment options, and we will help you select one that suits your goals and budget. Dr. Parr or Dr. Fray can attach porcelain veneers, covering up blemishes and lengthening worn teeth. Affordable dental bonding offers similar results, though composite will not typically last as long as veneers. Still, like porcelain, the material will be a near-perfect match to your tooth enamel.

Contact Us for the Treatment You Need

With our care, we can stop your teeth grinding and restore your healthy smile. Contact The Smile Center to schedule your first appointment.

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