A Royal Pain in the Mouth: Tooth Sensitivity and Chewing By Dr. Scott Parr on April 14, 2017

A woman clutching her jaw due to tooth sensitivityWhen you have a mouth full of healthy teeth, it is easy to take chewing for granted. You may love to sink your teeth into your favorite foods, and you may savor each bite, but chewing is a fairly utilitarian task. It’s something you have to do - until you can’t, at least not comfortably. Once tooth sensitivity sets in, chewing is something you can no longer take for granted. In fact, you’d do nearly anything to grind up a nice, crunchy piece of lettuce or a kernel of corn without twinges of discomfort again. Fortunately, you could be just a restorative dentistry treatment or two away from resolving your tooth sensitivity for good.

At The Smile Center, Dr. Scott Parr and Dr. Tara Frey offer a full range of treatments that can restore function to teeth affected by sensitivity. In discussing the issue of tooth sensitivity and chewing during consultations at our Virginia Beach, VA practice, our dentists explain that tooth sensitivity is often a precursor of developing issues within the mouth. If these issues are treated immediately, more serious oral health problems can usually be prevented, saving patients time, money, and considerably more discomfort. Patients generally emerge from treatment feeling better with a renewed ability to chew and enjoy eating once again.

If you are tired of experiencing tooth sensitivity while chewing, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Parr or Dr. Frey at The Smile Center today.

Treating Tooth Sensitivity and Restoring the Ability to Chew

In most cases, tooth sensitivity is caused by the exposure of microscopic tubules, the entrances to which are located in the dentin layer of the tooth. The dentin lies directly beneath the protective enamel layer above the gum line and a substance called cementum below the gum line. When either of these superficial layers are eroded or otherwise breached, the dentin and the entrances to the tubules are uncovered. The tubules lead directly to the nerves at the center of the tooth, which is why you will then experience tooth sensitivity.

In order to put an end to tooth sensitivity and protect the tooth from further damage, our dentists must re-conceal the delicate dentin layer and the openings to the tubules. This can be done through:

  • The placement of a dental crown, a tooth-shaped restoration designed to cover the entire visible surface area of the tooth
  • The bonding of porcelain veneers to the surfaces of front teeth that have sustained enamel erosion
  • Treatments for periodontal disease, such as the cleaning and disinfection of pockets that have formed between the gums and the teeth and the smoothing of the tooth roots to create a less hospitable environment for bacteria to reside
  • Root canal surgery, if necessary, to remove infected dental pulp and relieve tooth pain

Learn More about Tooth Sensitivity and Chewing

If you would like to learn more about tooth sensitivity and chewing, please contact The Smile Center today.

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