Is Treatment for a Twisted Tooth Right for You? By Dr. Scott Parr on August 15, 2017

A woman's straight teeth after treatment for a twisted toothA beautiful smile can do wonders for your self-esteem. When dental issues, like a twisted tooth, are present, it can be a major blow to your confidence. At the Smile Center, we offer the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry to address a wide range of aesthetic issues and help our patients enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile. If a twisted tooth is making you feel unhappy about your smile, treatment for a twisted tooth from Virginia Beach, VA dentists Scott Parr and Tara Frey can improve your oral appearance. Contact our team today to learn more.

Treatments for a Twisted Tooth 

Treating a twisted tooth can improve the smile's appearance and oral health. Twisted teeth can make it difficult to properly clean the teeth, increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. By seeking treatment for one or more twisted teeth, you can enjoy the aesthetic and health benefits that treatment brings. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to treating a twisted tooth. Some popular treatments include:

  • Braces: Braces, or traditional orthodontics, are an effective treatment option for straightening mild to severely twisted teeth. Braces correct the position of the teeth by applying continual pressure to the teeth until the desired position is achieved. Treatment times vary based on the severity of twisting or other alignment issues, but generally takes 18 to 24 months.
  • Invisalign®: Invisalign® is a comfortable, discreet alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign® uses a series of clear trays to reposition the teeth and transform the smile. Invisalign® is ideal for straightening mild to moderately twisted teeth in as little as 12 months. Because Invisalign® trays are clear, no one will be able to tell you're undergoing orthodontic treatment. 
  • Porcelain veneers as instant orthodontics: When a tooth is only slightly twisted, porcelain veneers may be used as instant orthodontics to enhance the smile in as little as two to three dental appointments. Porcelain veneer are custom-made, tooth-shaped shells that are applied to the surface of the teeth to mask dental flaws and improve the appearance of minimally crooked or twisted teeth.

Candidates for Twisted Tooth Treatment

Because there are a variety of treatment options for a twisted tooth, most people who wish to improve the appearance of one or more twisted teeth can undergo treatment. The ideal treatment will depend on the severity of twisting, number of twisted teeth, and other needs of the patient. With that said, candidates for treatment for a twisted tooth include:

  • Those with mild or severely twisted teeth
  • Those who experience jaw pain due to alignment issues caused by a twisted tooth
  • Those with relatively healthy gums and teeth
  • Those who are unhappy with the appearance of one or more twisted teeth

Find out if Treatment for a Twisted Tooth Is Right for You

A twisted tooth can make the smile look less than perfect. If one or more twisted teeth are causing you to hide your smile, treatment for a twisted tooth can help. To find out which treatment is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Parr or Dr. Frey.

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