CT Scan Imaging for Advanced Dentistry

Dental technology at The Smile Center is state-of-the-art, incorporating the latest tools for diagnostics and care. Our office includes a unique feature, the use of computed tomography (CT scan) for comprehensive imaging. This technology allows our Virginia Beach, VA, practice to provide advanced, precision diagnosis and treatment for a range of dental conditions.

Dr. Scott Parr, Dr. Tara Frey, and The Smile Center team are committed to maintaining the highest standards of dental care. To schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

A photo of a woman positioning her head for a CT scan.
The CT scan provides a 360 degree image of your head to give the dentist a comprehensive view of your case.

About CT Scan Technology

CT scan imaging has been widely used in medicine for over 35 years, helping doctors diagnose heart disease, malignancies, bone fractures, and more. The technique incorporates multiple computer-processed X-rays, combining cross-sectional “slices” to produce precise, high-resolution images. A single scan can generate three-dimensional images that can be viewed on a computer monitor or digitally transferred for a variety of uses.

In recent years, CT scans have been increasingly utilized in dentistry, proving highly valuable in diagnosis and planning for oral surgery. The scans offer unparalleled detail, allowing the dentist to visualize the patient’s internal structures from every angle. Offering much more information than traditional, two-dimensional x-rays, CT scans increase surgical accuracy and help to minimize complications for patients.

CT Scan and Dentistry

At The Smile Center, our dentists use our CT scanner for specific procedures that call for optimized, 3-D visualization. Dr. Parr always uses the CT scan for dental implants patients, securing a complete anatomical picture of the mouth, sinus cavities, and jawbone. He uses the technology to check jaw bone density and to plan precise surgical implants placement.

The scan allows us to proceed with surgery with a detailed plan, including the exact location of the alveolar nerve and precise, 3-D renderings of the jawbone ridge. This extra planning and precaution pays off for our patients. Our practice is consistently able to provide outstanding outcomes for implant dentures and other restorations.

Both Drs. Parr and Frey also use the CT scan to plan for orthodontia, diagnose tooth or bone fractures, and prepare for root canal procedures. The technology has also been useful in detecting cysts and anatomical irregularities, conditions that remain invisible on traditional X-ray images.

About The Procedure

For patients, the CT scan experience is non-invasive, pleasant, and extremely efficient. In contrast with traditional X-rays, there are no cumbersome ‘wings’ to bite down upon repeatedly, nor is anything at all inserted in the mouth. Your only task is to sit comfortably in the chair and remain still for 20 seconds as the machine circles you. Your head is never fully encased, and you are able to see the surroundings at all time.

While this imaging technology does utilize radiation, it is entirely safe for occasional use. The radiation level from a dental CT scan is significantly lower than the amount found in a conventional, medical CT scan.

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