Root Canal Infection Symptoms By Dr. Scott Parr on December 31, 2019

A root canal infectionWhen patients have infected teeth, Dr. Scott Parr and Dr. Tara Frey can root canal therapy (endodontic treatment). This treatment will save a tooth from extraction, and relieve serious discomfort and other oral health problems.

The team at our Virginia Beach, VA dental care center would like to go over the basics of root canal infections. We’ll then list common symptoms and briefly go over the treatment process.

About Root Canal Infections

A root canal infection refers to an infection of the dental pulp located within a tooth. This is the soft tissue that is within all teeth beneath the enamel and dentin layer. When this tissue becomes infected, it can spread to the jawbone and gums.

The most common causes of root canal infection tend to be serious cavities and fractures to the teeth. These allow bacteria to access the internal layers of tooth structure.

Tooth Sensitivity

When your teeth are especially sensitive, that’s generally a sign that something is wrong. Usually this sensitivity is triggered by hot or cold temperatures or when you bite down on a hard or tough food item.

Toothaches and Dental Pain

For many people with root canal infections, the issue goes beyond tooth sensitivity. Toothaches and throbbing pain might occur with the affected tooth, even when a person is not doing anything that would trigger tooth sensitivity.

Swelling of the Gums

In addition to pain of the tooth, it’s important that you consider issues with the gumline. Not only have root canal infection patients complained about sore gums at our Virginia Beach practice, they’ve also noted swelling along the gumline. Usually this is centered around the infected tooth.

Discoloration of the Infected Tooth

In addition to pain in your mouth, keep an eye on how your teeth look. Serious browning, darkening, or discoloration of a single tooth is often a serious indication of a dental health problem.

Severe Bad Breath

On top of all this, you should be mindful of your breath. People with root canal infections often experience persistent and even chronic bad breath, even after brushing their teeth. This is a sure sign that there is a serious dental problem that goes deeper than the surface appearance of your smile.

What Should I Do If I Notice These Symptoms?

If you notice any of the above symptoms of a root canal infection, it’s important that you speak with a dentist as soon as possible. Endodontic treatment can be performed and your tooth can be saved. This also prevents the spread of infection to other parts of the mouth, which can lead to the formation of an abscess and more serious general health worries.

When an infected tooth cannot be saved, we can discuss extraction and options for tooth replacement. A bridge or an implant-supported dental crown may be just what you need.

Learn More About Root Canal Treatment

If you live in the Virginia Beach area and believe you suffer from a root canal infection, be sure to contact our skilled cosmetic and restorative dentists. You can reach our office by phone at (757) 241-8168.

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