Instant Smile Makeover Options By Dr. Scott Parr on March 02, 2020

Close-up shot of female mouth shows bright, attractive teethWhen multiple cosmetic procedures are needed, combining the treatments into a smile makeover treatment plan can deliver dramatic results while saving patients the hassle of having to make multiple trips to our Virginia Beach, VA, dental practice.

For over two decades, patients have trusted the doctors and dental team of The Smile Center to deliver quality and compassionate dental care. We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures that can be customized to meet your cosmetic needs and personal goals.

Smile Makeover Treatment Options?

Some patients are fortunate enough to only need one cosmetic procedure. But for other patients, the realities of aging and the cumulative effects of minor chips and wear require a combination of cosmetic treatments to fully improve the appearance of the smile.

It is not uncommon for individuals to postpone cosmetic work for a variety of reasons. When they do come to our Virginia Beach, VA, dental practice for a cosmetic consultation, a smile makeover may be their best treatment option.

Our office offers a wide range of treatment options that can be combined when customizing your smile makeover plan.

  • Dental bonding (for minor cosmetic issues)
  • Invisalign® (to straighten teeth)
  • Clear braces (to straighten teeth)
  • Damon™ braces (to straighten teeth)
  • Crown lengthening (to correct the appearance of small teeth)
  • Gum contouring (to address a “gummy” smile)
  • Gum grafting (to address gum tissue recession)
  • Porcelain veneers (to mask flaws or reshape a tooth)
  • Snap-On Smile® (to address a wide range of treatment options)

When we think of cosmetic treatments, most people think of a single treatment. A smile makeover is a comprehensive plan that addresses all cosmetic concerns at once. Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to treating aesthetic blemishes (which can require several months or even years of visits to our office) Drs. Scott Parr and Tara Frey can take a look at your situation holistically.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

In some cases, a smile makeover can be completed during one visit. By combining your treatments into one visit to our office, our doctor can work efficiently. This can result in less overall time spent sitting through procedures.

If you are seeking more extensive treatment, like veneers, more than one visit may be required.

Candidacy Considerations

Candidates for a smile makeover may be unhappy with multiple cosmetic issues. A smile makeover can address a wide range of cosmetic problems that can include:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chips and cracks
  • Enamel discoloration
  • Worn or small teeth
  • Gummy smiles

A good candidate for a smile makeover is also someone who wants to enjoy dramatic cosmetic results in a relatively short time span. One of our doctors will establish your candidacy for a smile makeover during your cosmetic consultation at our Virginia Beach dental practice.

Smile Makeover with Sedation

Depending on the number or extent of treatment, a smile makeover may still require more than one hour to complete. For patients who have difficulty sitting still or suffer from dental phobia issues, we offer sedation dentistry. Under the soothing effects of sedation, patients feel like time flies by.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Today

If you have put off cosmetic treatments, the cumulative effects of worn or discolored teeth can leave you looking advanced in age.

One of our doctors can customize a treatment plan that addresses your aesthetic issues through one convenient visit to our office. To schedule your smile makeover, please contact our office online or call (757) 231-7965.

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