How Much Will Dental Implants Cost? By Dr. Scott Parr on July 22, 2021

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With adequate care, dental implants can enhance your smile for a lifetime. Dental implants permanently replace missing, rotten, or loose teeth in function and form. The average cost of a single dental implant in 2021 in the United States is $2,488. The cost of a dental implant in Virginia will vary greatly based on personal desires and needs.

The staff at the Smile Center in Virginia Beach, VA, adheres to the highest standards in safety and restorative care while practicing tailored treatments for your specific needs. Factors affecting treatment include:

Number of Teeth Missing

The number of teeth that need to be substituted equates to the amount of material and number of total implants needed for coverage. More material means more money. Fewer total implants can save you money.

  • Single Crown: replaces one tooth.
  • Bridge: can hold two or three teeth.
  • All-on-4 Dentures: full set of upper and/or lower rows of teeth.

Implant Material

Dental implants are fused into the jawbone with a metal post in a process known as osseointegration. Titanium is a gray metal that is the “gold standard” for dental implants. Most people do not have reactions to titanium, so that is why they are chosen for osseointegration. However, other options are available.

Abutments connect the supporting dental implant in your jaw to the restoration that rests above your gums. When done correctly, the gum tissue will grow over the abutment and should be unnoticeable. 

  • Titanium abutments are the most common and will cost about $180.
  • Cubic zirconia is a naturally ivory-colored luxury that costs about $350.

Additional Procedures

Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist’s office is a common fear among many Americans, but it doesn’t have to be. Patients choose sedation dentistry to feel calm and relaxed before and during dental implant surgery. At our Virginia Beach, VA office, Dr. Frey and Dr. Parr offer oral prescription or nitrous oxide as safe sedation dentistry options.

Dr. Frey or Dr. Parr can prescribe medication to be taken an hour before surgery to ease anxiety. This is the most common type of sedation dentistry and is considered to be a moderate range of sedation. This medication will allow you to still be conscious but feel groggy. You should fall asleep during the procedure but can usually be awakened with a tender shake. For safety, you will need someone to drive you after surgery.

Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” consists of two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. Controlled by your dentist, laughing gas can be inhaled safely during the procedure as a mild sedative. Nitrous oxide is the only sedative where you can drive yourself home after the dental procedure because it tends to abate quickly.

Prerequisite Surgeries

If bone density at the implant site is deficient, you must have a bone graft before dental implant surgery. The jaw must be strong enough to support successful osseointegration.

A sinus lift will be in order if the sinus membrane rests too close to the implant location. This procedure raises the sinus floor to supplement bone tissue in the maxilla.

Discuss Financing Options Today

Our knowledgeable insurance coordinator is eager to assist you in determining your coverage for qualifying procedures. For out-of-pocket costs, the Smile Center collaborates with third-party lenders for accommodating, low-interest repayment.

Call (757) 473-8482 or message us online to set up an appointment at our Virginia Beach, VA, location.

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