Smile Makeover Treatment Timeline By Dr. Scott Parr on March 28, 2023

woman flossing her teethFew people have a smile that they consider to be ideal. It is common for blemishes and imperfections to compromise the smile’s appearance. A smile makeover addresses cosmetic flaws to give patients a brighter, straighter, more attractive smile.

Dentists at The Smile Center in Virginia Beach, VA, customize a smile makeover procedure to give their patients the targeted cosmetic treatment they desire. While each smile makeover is unique, our dentists can prepare patients for what a typical smile makeover treatment timeline looks like, and how long it may take for them to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Phase One of Treatment: Planning

Planning is the first phase of a smile makeover treatment. Patients play a vital role in the planning process. Our dentists meet with patients to discuss their concerns, cosmetic goals for their smiles, and budget requirements. Based on these specifications, our dentists create a customized smile makeover plan. A smile makeover can address a comprehensive range of cosmetic imperfections, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Dental stains
  • Gapped teeth
  • Chips, cracks, and fractures
  • Small or misshaped teeth
  • Gummy smile or uneven gum line
  • Crooked teeth

Phase Two of Treatment: Preparation

Patients who choose to proceed with a smile makeover move on to the second phase of treatment: preparation. At this dental appointment, our dentists prepare the teeth for dental restorations and perform any preliminary cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening.

Preparation depends on the type of restorations being placed. Most often, preparation involves reshaping the tooth by removing some amount of tooth enamel. Reshaping is minimal for restorations such as porcelain veneers and may be more significant for restorations such as dental crowns. If a patient is a candidate for same-day restorations, we use our CEREC technology to create their restoration while they wait. In these cases, a third dental appointment may not be necessary.

Phase Three of Treatment: Restoration Placement

Patients receiving traditional porcelain veneers or dental crowns return a few weeks after their preparation appointment to have their permanent restorations placed. During this procedure, our dentists test the fit of completed restorations and make any necessary adjustments. When we are happy with how the restorations fit, they are bonded in place with a tooth-colored dental compound. 

Additional procedures may also be performed at this appointment. Possible treatments include gum contouring, fillings, and dental bonding. Many of our Virginia Beach patients leave this appointment with a complete smile makeover. If a patient’s budget is a concern, we can extend smile makeover treatment over several appointments so that expenses are spaced out.

Continuing Treatment

Some patients require long-term care that continues after the third phase of smile makeover treatment. Smile makeover treatment may be extended for patients with crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, and other malocclusion problems. Orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign can prolong smile makeover treatment by 12 to 18 months. 

Patients who require treatment stages will see an improvement in the appearance of their smile after restoration placement and will continue to notice enhancements as they proceed with orthodontic treatment.

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At The Smile Center, we believe everyone deserves a smile that makes them feel confident and attractive. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile and would like to find out if a smile makeover is right for you, our Virginia Beach dentists would be happy to help you consider your treatment options. To schedule an appointment, contact our dental office online, or call (757) 473-8482.

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